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Redesign of my home network

I have started a redesign of my home network. In short I installed and configured an OPNSense firewall with the WAN, LAN and Wifi segmented. More on the OPNSense installation later.

I will be moving my CentOS file server and all current networked devices behind the OPNSense firewall. This includes all PC’s, Raspberry Pi’s, Televisions etc.

I am also currently building a server which will run Ansible to configure my servers, PC’s and Docker containers. Nextcloud will be moved to a Docker container and my current Hassio Pi moved to a new Raspberry Pi 4.

I’ also busy building my backup server which will be running CentOS and be configured using Ansible and maybe even add Teraform in the mix.

The Raspberry Pi 4 which will be the Ansible “controller” has been built and setup, now I just need to start working on the playbooks to install and configure Docker and get that all setup. The next step will be to get the Nextcloud container setup and configured with the HAProxy on the OPNSense firewall.

I’m not too sure how the 4GB Raspberry Pi will cope with the few containers I want to run on it but only time will tell.

More on the build and ideas to come.

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