Some news and updates

I’ve been busy with various projects, studying and work and have not had too much time to blog.

Having said that, I decided to start 2 podcasts. One for this here website where I will be chatting about technical ops stuff, hardware, electronics and anything related to the operations and sys admins world. The podcast will be streamed live on Twitch and Youtube and then published as a podcast to listen offline.

The 2nd podcast will be on my programming website (fromashes) where I will be chatting about current programming projects, what I have learnt, what I have used and anything that might be of interest in the programming side of things. Some stuff might overlap i.e. when I will be discussing the Arduino stuff so if you’d like check out the podcast there.

The aim of the podcast is to create a kind of diary for myself as well as sharing anything useful or fun that I found using the audio and video mediums.

More on the podcast and streams to follow soon so make sure you follow the ExchangeTimes twitter account to be in the know 🙂

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