• Windows Server 2012

    How to decommission a Windows 2012 Domain Controller and Active Directory

    I’m currently busy testing a few things and copied my lab DC’s virtual disk to 2 other machines. I need to decommission Active Directory on these two machines and thought that I’d share the steps on here. First off the Domain Controller is decommissioned and then Active Directory is decommissioned. Note that the server is the only DC in my network which means I’m also showing the step to decommission the last DC in an AD environment.

  • Linux,  Virtual Box,  Zentyal

    Installing Virtual Box Guest Additions in Zentyal

    I stumbled across Zentyal which seemed to be quite an interesting Linux distribution. I say that as they claim to be able to replace Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) and co-exist with Active Directory and Exchange. Have a look at their website for all the features. I wanted to install the guest additions after installing Zentyal in Oracle’s Virtual Box to run the virtual machine in full screen mode. This was not as straight forward as I though it might be. Below is a video tutorial that I created to show how to install the guest additions in Zentyal. (Watch in HD and full screen) Also note: the links below the…

  • Windows Server 2012

    How to promote Windows Server 2012 to a Domain Controller

    Microsoft has done away with dcpromo when it comes to Windows Server 2012. We’ve been so accustomed to using dcpromo that I actually struggled a bit to promote a 2012 server to a DC in one of my labs. This short video shows how to install the Active Directory Directory Services role on the server and that there is a small step you need to complete after the installation as just installing the role does not promote your server to DC status. This small step cost me 5 minute of head scratching and going back to my training manual. Easy to forget and find but here’s a quick how to.…

  • Autodiscover,  Exchange 2007,  Microsoft Exchange,  Outlook,  Outlook 2007,  Outlook 2010,  Outlook 2013

    Out of Office not working – Using Exchange Autodiscover Redirect

    Had an interesting one today with a bit of a lesson at the end of the article. Scenario: Users are able to connect to Exchange with Outlook, send and receive mails etc. Users are however unable to set up their Out of Office using Outlook but they are able to set it using Outlook WebApp. We have a hybrid Exchange environment with 2010 and 2007 CAS servers. In the back-end we are running an Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster. Past troubleshooting with regards to Out of Office not working has taught me to check and test autodiscover. I bet that the OAB is also not downloading? I ran the normal checks…

  • Eclipse IDE with Android SDK,  Software Development

    A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run Eclipse.

    I started learning development for Android and downloaded the Eclipse IDE that includes the Android SDK from the Android Development site. Eclipse should be installed after you installed the Java Runtime Environment. On both my machines I received the below error when starting Eclipse. In my case I think it has to do with the fact that i installed Eclipse and the JRE to D: instead of the default locations in the installers.                   I solved this issue by: 1. Right click the Eclipse exe and choose properties. 2. In the Target field add -vm “D:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0bin” behind the D:adt-bundleadt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130729eclipseeclipse.exe 3. In essence it…

  • Virtual Box,  Windows,  Windows 8

    Error Code: 0x000000C4 when trying to install Windows 8 or 8.1 in Virtual Box

    I tried installing Windows 8.1 Preview in Virtual Box and received the below error: (If memory serves me correctly this was the same for Windows 8) Run the following command and then try installing Windows 8.1 Preview again. “c:Program FilesOracleVirtualBoxVBoxManage.exe” setextradata “VM Name” VBoxInternal/CPUM/CMPXCHG16B 1 This solved the issue for me. Found the information to the solution at this article here.  

  • Exchange 2007,  Exchange 2010,  Exchange 2013,  Microsoft Exchange

    Meeting requests sent to a room mailbox, replaces the Subject, with the Senders name

    We received a call today where a meeting request sent to a Room mailbox shows the meeting organiser’s name in the subject line. This can be rectified by running the following: Exchange 2010/2013: Set-CalendarProcessing -identity “meeting room name” -DeleteComments $true -AddOrganizerToSubject $true -DeleteAttachments $true -DeleteSubject $true Exchange 2007: set-mailboxcalendarsettings -identity “meeting room name” -deletesubject $false -addorganizertosubject $false Hope this makes your life a bit easier.

  • Linux,  Ubuntu

    How to install the GUI for Ubuntu Server

    I’m busy installing a server for my dad’s home and need a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for him to manage the server. I decided to install Kubuntu on my Ubuntu Server that I’m testing in virtual box. We are planning on getting him a Raspberry Pi running RaspBMC and the choices are OpenMediaVault or Ubuntu server to be the media server hosting his media to be streamed from. Still deciding which way to go but here is a short tutorial on how to get the GUI installed on an Ubuntu Server after you have finished installing the Ubuntu Server Operating System. 1. After the server has booted you need to…

  • Android,  Linux,  Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi and OpenElec

    Got myself a Raspberry Pi this week to replace our current media player. Our previous media player could not connect to the home network and I had to keep copying media to an external hard drive which as you could expect an irritation to say the least. The technology world has changed quite a lot with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is a credit card sized computer that has HDMI, Audio, RCA, USB and LAN connections built-in to it. Do a google search to see some of the amazing things people have done with the Raspberry Pi. My goal was to replace the media player with the…