Feb 25 2015

Installing Mono Develop in Linux Mint 17.1

Just a quick video on installing MonoDev in Linux Mint 17.1

1. Open your web browser and browse to the MonoDev Website to copy the GPG Key and the repository link.
2. Open your terminal and run sudo (and paste the GPG key signing key from the above website here) then press enter
3. Now type sudo (and paste the link to the repository from the above website here) press enter
4. Install Mono Develop by running the following in your terminal: sudo apt-get install monodevelop
Type y when prompted to download and install the package
Open Mono Develop after the installation has finished. If it does not open try points 7 and 8 below
7. Type sudo apt-get install mono-devel and press enter. Enter to download and install the package
8. Type sudo apt-get install libmono-cairo2.0-cil and press enter. Enter to download and install the package

You should now be able to open and use Mono Develop. Below is a tutorial video I made to show you how to install Mono Develop using the above steps.


Jan 10 2015

Unable to browse network in Linux using Pace router

I recently upgraded to VDSL and had to purchase a VDSL router. The only router that was readily available was a PACE VDSL router model 921VNX.

The problem is that I am now unable to connect to machines on my network from my Linux machines. I received a reply from an external URL when pinging a machine on my internal network.

After some research I found that it’s a known issue with the Pace routers. Some people advised that a firmware update resolved this for them but I already have the latest firmware update.

The video below shows how to get around it by editing your hosts file in Linux Mint.

Note: my Windows 8 PC’s could browse the network fine and connect to the other machines using the host name.

Dec 21 2014

How to Install Team Speak 3 on Linux Mint 17.1

If you are into gaming and love gaming in Linux then you probably want to use Team Speak to chat to your mates while in game shooting things up or looting monsters.

This video shows you how to install Team Speak 3 in Linux Mint 17.1 but should work on most debian based Linux desktops.