Dec 8 2011

Reporting on OWA for Exchange 2003

I recently received a request to report on OWA for a 2003 Exchange environment.

Needless to say without any 3rd party tools you are kind of left in the dark. However, I found the below website that assisted me with pulling some stats from the IIS logs using Log Parser 2.2 and 2 SQL scripts.

First browse to this website and follow the instructions. The site will give you 99% of the information you need to pull the reports. There was one issue that they failed to mention though. How do I export the data to CSV???

Here is a screenshot of how the command looks like: (you need to add -o:CSV to export the data to CSV format)

Other things to keep in mind:

1. I had to copy the log files to c:publicLogs for Log Parser to run against the logs
2. Add -o:CSV before the SQL Script path to export the output to CSV
3. The CSV file is found in C:PublicLogParserOutput
4. Open the CSV in Excel and panel beat the report to your heart’s desire

This article was very helpful and there’s some other commands that you might want to use.
Lastly I could not get the 2nd script to work for exporting the data to a pie graph.

Hope you found this useful.