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    free/busy not working between EOL and on premise Exchange

    We had an issue after adding a new domain to our tenant using the Hybrid Configuration Wizard which removed the URI and URL strings in the availability settings in Exchange Online. That was resolved but 2 days later free/busy from Exchange Online to on premise Exchange users broke again. We had to add a new SAN in the certificate for Exchange and suspect that the Federation Metadata did not properly update. One of my colleagues found this article which pointed us to the problem and advised us how to resolve the issue. In short running:   Test-FederationTrust -UserIdentity yourcredentials showed the issue. To resolve my colleague ran:   Get-FederationTrust |…

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    Outlook not connecting to Exchange Online mailboxes

    If you find that some Outlook clients stopped connecting to the Exchange Online mailbox but OWA and ActiveSync is still connecting then check if modern authentication has been disabled for your O365 tenant To check run: Get-OrganizationConfig | Format-Table Name,OAuth* -AutoIf you find it is set to False and all your Outlook clients are 2013 or newer then enable it by running:Set-OrganizationConfig -OAuth2ClientProfileEnabled $trueYour disconnected users should start connecting within a few minutes.

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    Error due to mismatch of GUID: Recipient “NameOfRecipient” has mismatched Archive GUID

    You receive the error “Recipient “NameOfRecipient” has mismatched Archive GUID” when you try and off board a mailbox from Exchange Online to on premises Exchange. Follow the below steps o resolve the issue and migrate the mailbox back to the on premises Exchange environment: Logon to Exchange Online using Powershell. Run: get-mailbox user | fl *archiveguid* Make a note of the GUID Open Exchange Management Shell on premises Run: Get-RemoteMailbox User | fl *archiveguid* You should see that the GUID on prem is different to the GUID from Exchange Online To resolve, in Exchange Management Shell on prem run: Set-RemoteMailbox User -ArchiveGuid “GUID you got from Exchange Online” The above should work without…

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    Unable to see remote mailbox on the on premises Exchange servers but can see it in Exchange Online

    We’ve had a few instances where a user could not receive mail into their Exchange Online mailbox. Upon investigation we noted the onmicrosoft.com address is the primary SMTP address for the user and that the remote mailbox object is not available in Exchange on premises. To resolve this do the following: Open Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa,msc from start -> run) Click on View -> Advanced Features Do a search for the user who has the issue as per above Right click on the user and choose properties Click on Object and make a note of the path Close the search you made. Now navigate in Active Directory Users…