Aug 26 2015

Event ID 490, ESE – edgetransport (7868) Transport Mail Database: An attempt to open the file “\Queue\trn.chk” for read / write access failed with system error 5 (0x00000005): “Access is denied”

Yes I know. The title for this post is extremely long but thought that it would be easier to find if it’s more descriptive.

In any case. We had to rebuild a multi role server and the Hub Transport role was also installed. After the install we checked that all is good and I found that mail were queued up on the server. Further investigation showed that the Hub Transport service was not started so I tried to start it, which failed.

The event logs showed the below error. I then checked the permissions of the trn.chk file and the queue folder and found that it did not match the permissions on another server. Manually adding the permissions did not work.

The Resolution: I renamed the Queue folder to Queue.old and then started the Hub Transport service. This created a new Queue folder and database and mail were flowing again as expected.

HT Access Denied Error