Aug 20 2019

Error Installing CentOS 7

I received the error “This program has encountered an unknown error.” When installing CentOS. At the end of the report it had details about RAID and I remembered that the disk was part of a RAID.

To get rid of the RAID config:

  1. Restart the server.
  2. At the menu choose Troubleshooting Choose Rescue a CentOS system.
  3. You will be asked to make a selection, type in 1 and press enter. 
  4. You will see a prompt “Please press return to get a shell.
  5. Press the enter key Under “Rescue Mount” check which disk you need to configure i.e. sdb
  6. Now type: dmraid -E -r /dev/yourDisk i.e. (dmraid -E -r /dev/sda1)
  7. You will be asked if you want to erase “isw”. type y and press enter.
  8. Reboot your server and install CentOS 7

Here’s a video showing the screenshots I took:


Aug 20 2019

Moving my server from Windows to Linux

I have moved from Windows to Linux on my laptop and gaming PC (Elementary OS) to be more specific and have not looked back.

My home server was running Windows Home Server 2011 and it seemed like I lost one of my disks with my music on. Windows could not see the disk at all but I could see the disk in the BIOS. I then booted into Linux using a USB thumb drive and managed to access the disk and it’s data so proceded to backup the data.

I then decided to get rid of Windows on my server and move to CentOS 7. I chose CentOS 7 as I am currently studying for my RHCSA

Below is the first video of the series. I stumbled across a few issues which I will be sharing soon.