How to change a pool name in TrueNas

Today I installed and started setting up TrueNas as a backup for my home server. As per usual, being eager to get things done and to start playing I found that I’d like to change the pool names of my pools after I have set them up.

Thanks to danb35 on the TrueNas forums for providing the short and sweet answer on how to change the pool name in this post on the forums.

I successfully change the pool names and below are a step by step on how I did it using the above posts instructions:

  • Login to your TrueNas
  • Click on Storage
  • Click on Pools
  • Click on the gear icon on the right of the pool you want to rename
  • Click on Export/Disconnect

Warning of export pool in TrueNas









  • click on EXPORT/DISCONNECT to disconnect the pool

On the left menu, browse to the bottom of the page and click on shell

Type the below commands:

zpool import the_old_pool_name the_new_pool_name

zpool export the_new_pool_name

cli screenshot of renaming the pool



Import the new pool / pool who’s name you changed:

  • on the left menu, scroll up till you see Pools
  • click on Pools
  • click on ADD
  • choose Import an existing pool
    picture of the import pool dialog








  • click NEXT
  • choose No, continue with import






  • click NEXT
  • click next to Pool and select the pool you want to import






  • click NEXT
  • click on IMPORT

You will now see your pool in the GUI with the new name





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