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Permission denied when uploading in Arduino IDE (Linux)

I very recently started playing with Arduino building different circuits etc. But my latest project was building a button box for sim racing,  other driving and flight simulator games. More on the build and experience of the button box in another article.

The last part of the project was to upload the code (aka sketch in Arduino IDE) to the Arduino Pro Micro board. The problem was I received an error stating “permission denied” when trying to upload to the board.

I am using a flatpak version of Arduino and after some searching I found the solution on this forum. Thanks to user tf68, as per his/her advise the below resolved the issue.

  • Make sure the board is plugged in to USB
  • Open your terminal
  • Type in ls -l /dev/ttyACM*
  • The groups that have access are listed. Mine was root and dialout.
  • Add your user account to the dialout group: useradd yourUserAccount dialout
  • Log out and back in and you should now be able to upload you sketch to the board.

Also make sure that you are using the correct port in the Arduino IDE.

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