Reset the Google Authenticator plugin in WordPress after your phone has been lost or stolen

Unfortunately bad luck struck as my phone decided to stop making and receiving calls. After trying numerous ways to get it resolve a factory reset was needed. Of course I forgot about the Google Authenticator application on the phone which I use to access various services and managed to lock myself out of my Word Press websites.

Here are the steps to remove the Google Authenticator prompt when trying to logon to your Word Press websites that are protected with 2 step verification:

  • Login to your web server using FTP or the control panel details supplied by your ISP.
  • Browse to public-html 
  • Browse to wp-content 
  • Click on plugins
  • Rename the folder “google-authenticator” to “google-authenticatorold”
  • Open your web browser and type in your URL to get to the Word Press admin site i.e.
  • The Google Authenticator field will now be removed and you can now login with your username and password
  • Go to plugins and delete the Google Authenticator plugin
  • Now search for and re-install the Google Authenticator plugin
  • Remember to activate the plugin, browse to your user in Word Press and scan the QR code to setup the 2 step verification on your phone
  • Logout and browse to the admin login page again. You should now be able to login using Google Authenticator again

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