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Install MusicBee in Linux Mint

I recently decided to get rid of iTunes as it just felt bloated and slow. The biggest reason for this move was that I could not transfer music to my iPod from Linux and decided I wanted an application that can manage my music and transfer music to any device using Linux and Windows.

I came across MusicBee. MusicBee has been developed for Windows but I managed to get it running without any issues on my Linux Mint 17.1 PC. (The best music app I have come across yet)
Below is the link to the forum post I used and a video showing you how to install MusicBee on Linux Mint. This should work on most Linux distributions that has Play on Linux installed. Take note that I used the post by megalithic with one exception, windowscodecs could not be found and I used wmpcodecs.

Link to forum post.

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