Mar 18 2015

Windows reports incorrect free space on a disk

I had an interesting one today. Received a call for a disk that is running out of disk space and I thought, easy, quickly log on and clear some space.

It turns out that the total data on the disk was 5GB in size, with the disk being 40GB in capacity, but the available free space reported was 4GB. This baffled me a bit but after some assistance from an internet search and colleague we quickly found that the problem was related to shadow copies taking up space.

In our scenario, shadow copies were disabled but running vssadmin list shadowstorage in the cmd line told us a different story. The output showed that shadow copies was indeed taking up most of the disk space.

To resolve this we enable and disabled shadow copies for the disk. Set the limit for shadow copies to a small amount of disk space and then enabled shadow copies again.

Voila! We got back our used disk space.

Mar 8 2015

War Thunder crashes after logging into the game

I installed War Thunder today. Got the X55 hooked up and ready to play the game. I started the game from Steam and was prompted with the login screen. Problem is the game kept crashing after logging in with no error and only an option to send a crash dump to the developers.

After quite a while I stumbled on a comment on the War Thunder forums that switched on a light bulb in my head. If you have the display link driver installed, then remove it using Programs and Features. Reboot your PC and then try again. I managed to login and the game launched as expected after removing the display link driver.

Display Link is installed when you plugin and use a USB monitor. This enables the monitor to work as a secondary monitor on your PC.

Note that War Thunder worked without any problems in Linux Mint 17.1 and this issue occurred on my Windows 8.1 installation as Display Link is only supported in Windows.

Hope that this was helpful and saved you some time 🙂

Mar 6 2015

Unable to expand a distribution list in Outlook – Exchange 2003 Environment

Have you ever receive an error stating that “There was an error while expanding the list. The list was not fully expanded.” when you try and expand a distribution list in Outlook? The error looks like the one below:


To solve this change the list to a Universal Distribution Group. Wait for replication if need be and you will then be able to expand the list and view the members within Outlook.