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    Unable to browse network in Linux using Pace router

    I recently upgraded to VDSL and had to purchase a VDSL router. The only router that was readily available was a PACE VDSL router model 921VNX. The problem is that I am now unable to connect to machines on my network from my Linux machines. I received a reply from an external URL when pinging a machine on my internal network. After some research I found that it’s a known issue with the Pace routers. Some people advised that a firmware update resolved this for them but I already have the latest firmware update. The video below shows how to get around it by editing your hosts file in Linux…

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    Unable to connect a disconnected mailbox – User not found error when trying to connect a mailbox to a user in Exchange

    We’ve had a few instances where we need to disconnect a mailbox and reconnect it to a new user account for a user. This should be easy right? Well not always. It’s happened more than once where we try to use the Exchange Management Console to connect the mailbox to the user account but Exchange can’t find the user account. Have a look in Active Directory and the account shows up. You then try to connect the mailbox to the user account using the Exchange Management Shell with the same results. user not found. See below on how to get this issue resolved: 1. Open adsiedit.msc (start, run and type…

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    E-Mail delivers to Deleted Items folder

    We had a shared mailbox where all the mail sent to the mailbox delivered to the deleted items folder. To resolve this do the following: 1. Open Exchange Management Shell 2. Type Get-CalendarProcessing “mailboxname” | fl and press enter 3. If AutomateProcessing shows AutoAccept in the returned results then run the next cmdlet 4. Set-CalendarProcessing “mailboxname” -automateprocessing none 5. Wait for replication and check that Get-CalendarProcessing “mailboxname” | fl shows that it’s set to :none We verified after running the above that mail delivered to the mailbox deliveres to the Inbox as expected.