• Linux,  Linux Mint

    Install MusicBee in Linux Mint

    I recently decided to get rid of iTunes as it just felt bloated and slow. The biggest reason for this move was that I could not transfer music to my iPod from Linux and decided I wanted an application that can manage my music and transfer music to any device using Linux and Windows. I came across MusicBee. MusicBee has been developed for Windows but I managed to get it running without any issues on my Linux Mint 17.1 PC. (The best music app I have come across yet) Below is the link to the forum post I used and a video showing you how to install MusicBee on Linux Mint.…

  • CCR,  Exchange 2007,  Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft Exchange Replication Service Starts and then Stops

    We had an Exchange 2007 CCR cluster where the passive node databases stopped seeding. After some investigation we noticed that the Exchange Replication Service starts and a second or two later stops. The event log did not give us much information, only stating that the service started and stopped again. We checked all the databases on the passive node and noticed that they were in a dirty shut down state as the logs stopped replaying to the database a few days earlier. Resolution that worked for us: 1. Move each database to a new folder on the disk that it resides. 2. Start the Exchange Replication Service. (We monitored the…

  • Hardware,  Smart Phones

    Reset a Samsung Galaxy S3 to factory default

    It’s an exciting day today! I received my new phone and it could not have come at a better time. No there’s nothing wrong with my Samsung Galaxy S3 but there is something seriously wrong with my mom’s. I decided to give her my old S3 till she gets her new phone. I decided to do a full factory reset on the phone before giving it to my mom so that she can start with a phone that is clean and does not have all my contacts, apps and data on it. I show you how to do a quick and easy factory reset on the S3 below:

  • Hardware,  Logitech

    Logitech G27 not working in Windows 8.1

    Contrary to what Logitech says, the G27 does not seem to work that well in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. I recently rebuilt my racing rig and attached my G27 Steering wheel to the PC. Windows 8.1 picks it up as a joystick instead of a wheel. Another thing I noticed is that the wheel starts turning a bit and stops when booting Windows as if it looses power. The green LED also comes on and goes dim then off. First thoughts I had is that I have a power supply issue. Turns out it was software related: I downloaded the latest driver (lgs846_x64) from Logitech’s website but the software…