Aug 13 2014

E-mail address strikethrough in Exchange 2007

We had a problem when our provisioning system would not update the “managed by” property for a distribution list.

Further investigation showed that the distribution list’s e-mail address had a strike through like this: (Seen in the DL’s properties using EMC)

We could not add a new smtp address to the group nor delete the current address.

We then opened ADSIedit to have a more in depth look. We then noticed that the SMTP address in proxyAddresses had a space before the @ in the SMTP address. We rectified that and the strikethrough disapeared.

We made the changes and managed to provision the DL without any problems.

Aug 11 2014

Extract Audio from video using Audacity

In this tutorial we show you how to extract audio from video using Audacity in Windows. The same will work in Linux but we had to pont Audacity to FFmpeg in Windows.

To download the FFmpeg dll for Windows go to this site:

Aug 11 2014

Virtual Desktops for Windows

Being so used to virtual desktops in Linux makes Windows quite hard to use. We found an application called Deskpot that “enables” virtual desktops in Windows.

Below is a short video on how it works in Windows 8.


Aug 8 2014

How to extract audio from a video

I’m starting a few pod casts and want to extract the audio from the videos to mp3. The whole idea is to give you the option to listen to an audio version of the pod cast (video cast) as not everyone wants to jam video files on their portable audio players.

I’m using VLC media player to extract the audio from one of my previous tutorial videos to mp3. If you don’t have VLC media player then click on the link to visit their site and download, in my opinion, the best media player out there for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Aug 8 2014

Prohibit meeting request recipients from forwarding a meeting request – Outlook 2013

We had a user requesting assistance on how to prohibit other people from forwarding his meeting requests.

In the below video I show you how to do just that from within Outlook 2013.


Aug 5 2014

Adam Database not syncing with Active Directory

I have a multi tenant messaging system that needs to sync user information to Mimecast. We have setup an ADAM database to sync with Active Directory. In turn Mimecast syncs with the ADAM database to have up to date user details of which SMTP addresses are the most important as Mimecast has been setup to not allow mail from an e-mail sent from our system for an email address that it is not aware of.


ADAM stopped syncing with Active directory because of the below errors found.

1. The error in the ADAM sync log



2. The problem shown in the ADAM database

orphaned object


Delete the containers as shown in 2 above and re-run the sync.