• Outlook

    The font is very small and the recipient sees very LARGE fonts when composing a new e-mail in Outlook

    I was contacted this week with a very interesting problem when a user is composing a new e-mail in Microsoft Outlook this week. The problem: The user starts to compose a new e-mail but the font is really small. When the recipient receives the e-mail they found that the font is very big on the recipients side. Now this could be a very confusing issue if you think about it. How does the font just change size from the sender to the recipient? First things most people would look at is the mail filtering applications or devices that their companies use. This brings me to the old saying in IT,…

  • Scams

    A new Scam where criminals claim they need to install software on your device to resolve problems with it.

    Yesterday my mom received a call from someone claiming that they are phoning from “Microsoft”. They told her that they are receiving data or logs from her home computer and that something is seriously wrong on the computer. They then explained that “Microsoft” would like to assist her to resolve the problems. The caller also told her that they see the motherboard is faulty, which should set off a million alarm bells as I doubt that Microsoft would even care if your home computer is having hardware problems. He then proceeded by telling her that to resolve the issue he needs to get her to install a piece of software. Thank…

  • Virtual Box

    Getting your guests in Virtual Box to communicate with each other

    I’ve built quite a few labs using Virtual Box but tend to forget how to get the guests to communicate with each other. Below is a quick video that I put together to show how to set up Virtual Box to get this working. This is helpful with adding member servers to domain controllers and getting a complete AD site running. Another thing shown is how to setup sharing to access data from your guests that reside on the host machine.