• Exchange 2003

    Changing the weather forecast location and temperature unit in Outlook 2013’s Calendar

    I’ve installed Office 2013 a few days ago and tonight when opening the calendar I saw a nifty feature at the top showing the current weather forecast (including 2 days in the future) with the minimum and maximum expected temperatures. I needed to change the location and temperature unit as the default was for New York and the temperature unit in Fahrenheit. To be honest I would have thought that Outlook should be able to pick a default city for my time zone but it’s not a big deal. Below is a short video on how to change this if you are running Outlook 2013. (View the video in 1080p for…

  • Windows 7

    Adding additional clocks for Windows 7

    I do quite a lot of online sim racing and most races are UK/European time and some US time. Gadgets must be the answer! Well n, not really. Stumbled across a way to add additional clocks in Windows 7 which is quite nifty and quick to check the time in another time zone or country. Check out my video below on how to add additional clocks in Windows 7. Note : It looks like you can only run up to 3 clocks maximum. For more you should search for an application or Windows Gadget.  

  • Android

    Sync your iTunes library with Synctunes for Android

    Being a huge music fan I tried the cloud based service of Deezer.com to sync music from their cloud to my PC and Android phone. The selection of songs in the Metal genre is not as big as I hoped for. I then Deciding to cancel my Deezer subscription. The problem comes in with carrying too many devices and keeping them all charged and safe. I use my iPod in the car and for the Shox pig when we have a braai with friends but other than that it pretty much stays in the car or at home. I deciding to use my Android phone for playing music since it…