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    Redesign of my home network

    I have started a redesign of my home network. In short I installed and configured an OPNSense firewall with the WAN, LAN and Wifi segmented. More on the OPNSense installation later. I will be moving my CentOS file server and all current networked devices behind the OPNSense firewall. This includes all PC’s, Raspberry Pi’s, Televisions etc.

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    Resolve OPNSense stuck at booting

    I’m busy building an OPNSense firewall for my home network and got stuck at a booting screen (below) before I could start the installation. I tried disabling UEFI, re-enabling it in the BIOS and a few other BIOS settings but could not resolve the issue from within the BIOS. To resolve the issue and get to the installer I followed the forum post by benibilme from here on the OPNSense forums. The steps I followed to resolve the issue are below and the video that shows the steps at the end of this blog post. Reboot your machine if you get stuck at the Booting step when booting from your…