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    Redesign of my home network

    I have started a redesign of my home network. In short I installed and configured an OPNSense firewall with the WAN, LAN and Wifi segmented. More on the OPNSense installation later. I will be moving my CentOS file server and all current networked devices behind the OPNSense firewall. This includes all PC’s, Raspberry Pi’s, Televisions etc.

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    Some news and updates

    I’ve been busy with various projects, studying and work and have not had too much time to blog. Having said that, I decided to start 2 podcasts. One for this here website where I will be chatting about technical ops stuff, hardware, electronics and anything related to the operations and sys admins world. The podcast will be streamed live on Twitch and Youtube and then published as a podcast to listen offline. The 2nd podcast will be on my programming website (fromashes) where I will be chatting about current programming projects, what I have learnt, what I have used and anything that might be of interest in the programming side…