Any Autodiscover, OoO, OAB etc. issues dependant on Autodiscover

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    Out of Office not working – Using Exchange Autodiscover Redirect

    Had an interesting one today with a bit of a lesson at the end of the article. Scenario: Users are able to connect to Exchange with Outlook, send and receive mails etc. Users are however unable to set up their Out of Office using Outlook but they are able to set it using Outlook WebApp. We have a hybrid Exchange environment with 2010 and 2007 CAS servers. In the back-end we are running an Exchange 2007 CCR Cluster. Past troubleshooting with regards to Out of Office not working has taught me to check and test autodiscover. I bet that the OAB is also not downloading? I ran the normal checks…

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    OoO not working because AutoDiscover does not work

     1     First: Always check Certificates and DNS     1.1 Check if your certificates are configured correctly and if they have expired.   Open the Exchange Management Console and run: Get-ExchangeCertificate | fl Review your certificates and ensure that they have not expired 1.2 Check DNS   A good way to test DNS is using NSLOOKUP. Open cmd and type nslookup and hit enter. (In our case we need to run nslookup to our client’s autodiscover address to test redirection as we user autodiscover redirect.)   Type (or .net etc.) this should return with the redirect address as per below screenshot.              …