Mar 14 2017

Origin download speeds are very slow

I noticed recently that game downloads and game updates in Origin is very slow. To give you an example, usually on my internet connection I would get an average download speed of 1.5MB per second but recently it averaged at 44kb per second.

After some searching on the internet I could not find a proper solution as most solutions on the net was completely bonkers or just did not make any technical sense. I then decided to scratch around in the Origin client to see if a setting might be causing the slow download speeds. And what do you know, it was a setting in Origin that caused the issue. See the steps below on how I resolved the slow download speeds in Origin. (I still don’t know how the setting got enabled in Origin though)

  1. Open your Origin client and login.
  2. At the top left, click on Origin.
  3. In the drop down menu click on “Application Settings”.
  4. At the top, now click on “Diagnostics”.
  5. Look for “Troubleshooting” and make sure that “Safe mode downloading” is NOT on.
  6. Start your game or update download you will see your download speeds increase to what it used to be.

Below is a screenshot of the setting turned off. I still don’t understand how EA support staff did not once mention the above to their clients on their support forums that I could find.

Origin safe mode downloading setting screen shot

Origin safe mode downloading setting screen shot

Note I did this on the client version Version – 0 but it should work for you in earlier or later versions too, but then again thing might change in the future 😉

Mar 8 2015

War Thunder crashes after logging into the game

I installed War Thunder today. Got the X55 hooked up and ready to play the game. I started the game from Steam and was prompted with the login screen. Problem is the game kept crashing after logging in with no error and only an option to send a crash dump to the developers.

After quite a while I stumbled on a comment on the War Thunder forums that switched on a light bulb in my head. If you have the display link driver installed, then remove it using Programs and Features. Reboot your PC and then try again. I managed to login and the game launched as expected after removing the display link driver.

Display Link is installed when you plugin and use a USB monitor. This enables the monitor to work as a secondary monitor on your PC.

Note that War Thunder worked without any problems in Linux Mint 17.1 and this issue occurred on my Windows 8.1 installation as Display Link is only supported in Windows.

Hope that this was helpful and saved you some time 🙂