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    Origin download speeds are very slow

    I noticed recently that game downloads and game updates in Origin is very slow. To give you an example, usually on my internet connection I would get an average download speed of 1.5MB per second but recently it averaged at 44kb per second. After some searching on the internet I could not find a proper solution as most solutions on the net was completely bonkers or just did not make any technical sense. I then decided to scratch around in the Origin client to see if a setting might be causing the slow download speeds. And what do you know, it was a setting in Origin that caused the issue.…

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    War Thunder crashes after logging into the game

    I installed War Thunder today. Got the X55 hooked up and ready to play the game. I started the game from Steam and was prompted with the login screen. Problem is the game kept crashing after logging in with no error and only an option to send a crash dump to the developers. After quite a while I stumbled on a comment on the War Thunder forums that switched on a light bulb in my head. If you have the display link driver installed, then remove it using Programs and Features. Reboot your PC and then try again. I managed to login and the game launched as expected after removing…