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    How to access a Bitlocker encrypted Windows disk using Ubuntu 15.04

    Today has been one of those days where you think to yourself. “Self, you should have backed up your data more often!” My work laptop running Windows 8.1 decided to commit suicide. The laptop froze up and when I rebooted I received an error stating that werkernel.sys is missing and it won’t boot in to Windows. I took the laptop in and IT tried recovering Windows but could not get it repaired. The problem is that we use Bitlocker which meant it would be a challenge to just boot up with a Live Linux Distro and copy off my needed data. After a few hours I managed to access my…

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    How to install the telnet client in Windows 8 and 8.1

    I’ve built a Ubuntu Server to backup my Home server data and needed to test a few ports to see if they are open. Windows 8 and 8.1 does not have the telnet client installed by default so I decided to post an article to show you how to enable it. Below are the steps involved and a video showing how to enable telnet. Open up the control panel. Click on Programs and Features. Click “Turn Windows Features on of Off” on the left in the Programs and Features window. Scroll down till you see “Telnet Client” and check the check box. The telnet client will now install. Windows needs…