Jan 4 2018

The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

I had an issue when trying to logon to one of our servers. After providing my credentials I received the below error.

All we needed to do was to reboot the server and I was able to RDP and login again. What caused the issue is not known as yet.

Mar 18 2015

Windows reports incorrect free space on a disk

I had an interesting one today. Received a call for a disk that is running out of disk space and I thought, easy, quickly log on and clear some space.

It turns out that the total data on the disk was 5GB in size, with the disk being 40GB in capacity, but the available free space reported was 4GB. This baffled me a bit but after some assistance from an internet search and colleague we quickly found that the problem was related to shadow copies taking up space.

In our scenario, shadow copies were disabled but running vssadmin list shadowstorage in the cmd line told us a different story. The output showed that shadow copies was indeed taking up most of the disk space.

To resolve this we enable and disabled shadow copies for the disk. Set the limit for shadow copies to a small amount of disk space and then enabled shadow copies again.

Voila! We got back our used disk space.

Nov 20 2014

How to disable IE Enhanced Internet Security in Windows Server 2012

If you are like me and build a lot of labs for testing then you’d probably been hampered by the popups caused by IE Enhanced Internet Security when opening and trying to access webpages. This happens to me all the time. Try and download dependencies for Exchange when IE Enhanced Security is turned on. It’s a pain in the neck.

In this video I show you how to disable IE Enhanced Internet Security so that you can get on with the job of downloading dependencies and install your applications in your lab.


Feb 8 2014

How to decommission a Windows 2012 Domain Controller and Active Directory

I’m currently busy testing a few things and copied my lab DC’s virtual disk to 2 other machines. I need to decommission Active Directory on these two machines and thought that I’d share the steps on here.

First off the Domain Controller is decommissioned and then Active Directory is decommissioned. Note that the server is the only DC in my network which means I’m also showing the step to decommission the last DC in an AD environment.

Oct 16 2013

How to promote Windows Server 2012 to a Domain Controller

Microsoft has done away with dcpromo when it comes to Windows Server 2012.

We’ve been so accustomed to using dcpromo that I actually struggled a bit to promote a 2012 server to a DC in one of my labs. This short video shows how to install the Active Directory Directory Services role on the server and that there is a small step you need to complete after the installation as just installing the role does not promote your server to DC status.

This small step cost me 5 minute of head scratching and going back to my training manual. Easy to forget and find but here’s a quick how to.

I’m not an AD expert but it’s good to practice this once in a while as you might get tasked to “quickly” set-up an environment for a client and practice makes perfect 🙂