Jun 15 2014

VirtualBox – Invalid settings detected when trying to add a Host Only Adapter

Been playing with a few VM’s again today and run into trouble when I tried to add a Host Only Adapter in VirtualBox.

The below video shows you how to enable the option to add a Host Only Adapter in Oracle’s VirtualBox.

May 20 2014

Virtual Box – This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae

Tried to install a new VM in Virtual box today and received an error stating:

“This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU:pae”

In this video I show you how to enable PAE for the virtual machine.

For more information on PAE click here.

Remember to watch in 1080p

Dec 3 2013

Installing Virtual Box Guest Additions in Zentyal

I stumbled across Zentyal¬†which seemed to be quite an interesting Linux distribution. I say that as they claim to be able to replace Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) and co-exist with Active Directory and Exchange.

Have a look at their website for all the features.

I wanted to install the guest additions after installing Zentyal in Oracle’s Virtual Box to run the virtual machine in full screen mode. This was not as straight forward as I though it might be. Below is a video tutorial that I created to show how to install the guest additions in Zentyal. (Watch in HD and full screen)

Also note: the links below the video are for the sites I used to get this working.

Zentyal’s Forum link


Random IT Blog

Jul 30 2013

Error Code: 0x000000C4 when trying to install Windows 8 or 8.1 in Virtual Box

I tried installing Windows 8.1 Preview in Virtual Box and received the below error: (If memory serves me correctly this was the same for Windows 8)

Win 8.1 error

Run the following command and then try installing Windows 8.1 Preview again.

“c:Program FilesOracleVirtualBoxVBoxManage.exe” setextradata “VM Name” VBoxInternal/CPUM/CMPXCHG16B 1

This solved the issue for me. Found the information to the solution at this article here.


Apr 10 2013

Getting your guests in Virtual Box to communicate with each other

I’ve built quite a few labs using Virtual Box but tend to forget how to get the guests to communicate with each other. Below is a quick video that I put together to show how to set up Virtual Box to get this working.

This is helpful with adding member servers to domain controllers and getting a complete AD site running. Another thing shown is how to setup sharing to access data from your guests that reside on the host machine.