Anything related to the Android Operating System. How to do certain tasks and I will share some apps that I think everyone should use.

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    Display your Android phone’s screen on a PC

    After searching the play store I could only find applications to display your phone’s screen on a PC that required a rooted phone. Eventually I stumbled up on TeamViewer Quick Support which does not require a rooted Android phone. Below is a quick video of the application to show how it works and I also mention a few things you are able to do with it.

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    Raspberry Pi and OpenElec

    Got myself a Raspberry Pi this week to replace our current media player. Our previous media player could not connect to the home network and I had to keep copying media to an external hard drive which as you could expect an irritation to say the least. The technology world has changed quite a lot with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is a credit card sized computer that has HDMI, Audio, RCA, USB and LAN connections built-in to it. Do a google search to see some of the amazing things people have done with the Raspberry Pi. My goal was to replace the media player with the…

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    Sync your iTunes library with Synctunes for Android

    Being a huge music fan I tried the cloud based service of to sync music from their cloud to my PC and Android phone. The selection of songs in the Metal genre is not as big as I hoped for. I then Deciding to cancel my Deezer subscription. The problem comes in with carrying too many devices and keeping them all charged and safe. I use my iPod in the car and for the Shox pig when we have a braai with friends but other than that it pretty much stays in the car or at home. I deciding to use my Android phone for playing music since it…