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    How to install NetBeans in Linux Mint

    I started teaching myself Java and the IDE for most of the tutorials used is Eclipse. The author of the latest book I’m reading is using NetBeans so I decided to install NetBeans 8 to follow along with the author’s examples and the book’s tutorials. The below video shows you how to install NetBeans in Linux Mint which is currently my main desktop OS at home. Apologies for the loss of audio halfway through the video as my headset died. The video does however show the installation, where to find NetBeans after the installation finished and that it works like a charm in Linux Mint.  

  • Java,  Linux,  Linux Mint,  Software Development

    How to install Java (JDK8 and JRE8) on Linux Mint

    Started teaching myself the art of programming using Java and decided to install the Java JDK8 and JRE8 on my Linux Mint 17 PC. This was surprisingly easy and quick to install. Just click on this link and follow the article to install Java on your Linux Mint Operating system. I’m using Eclipse as the IDE which can be installed from the Software Manager in you Linux Mint installation. A video of installing Eclipse will be uploaded soon for anyone who might prefer seeing how it is installed.