Apr 18 2013

A new Scam where criminals claim they need to install software on your device to resolve problems with it.

Yesterday my mom received a call from someone claiming that they are phoning from “Microsoft”. They told her that they are receiving data or logs from her home computer and that something is seriously wrong on the computer. They then explained that “Microsoft” would like to assist her to resolve the problems.

The caller also told her that they see the motherboard is faulty, which should set off a million alarm bells as I doubt that Microsoft would even care if your home computer is having hardware problems.

He then proceeded by telling her that to resolve the issue he needs to get her to install a piece of software. Thank goodness my mom was savvy enough and told him that I look after her home computer and he immediately hung up.

Never install software from someone contacting you out of the blue to assist with a computer problem. Always use a reputable company if you are in need of assistance with a problem on your computer.

What could happen if software is installed on your machine from an untrusted source you ask?

1. They could gain complete access to your computer and find/use personal information to commit fraud.
2. They could install a keylogger to gain access to all your usernames and passwords.
3. They could hijack your computer to use in a botnet.

To keep this short. Always be careful and never trust e-mails and phone calls that you receive if you have not contacted that person or company in person for assistance. Stay vigilant even when you contacted a legitimate company for assistance.