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    This board requires newer software error when installing MotionEyeOS on Raspberry Pi 4

    I am currently testing MotionEyeOS on my test Raspberry Pi 4. I received an error “This board requires newer software” and the board goes into a reboot loop as per the below screenshot after I flashed the SD card with MotionEyeOS version motioneyeos-raspberrypi4-20200606           After some digging I found this post where user starbasessd pointed to the solution of installing the dev version (dev20201026). I downloaded and flashed the Dev version and successfully booted into MotionEyeOS

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    Install Rocket Chat server on a Raspberry Pi using snap on Ubuntu Server 20.04

    Wow that is a long title! Here I will be posting the steps on how to install the Rocket Chat Server quickly and easily using snap on Ubuntu Server 20.04. I wanted a quick and easy chat server for home use which runs on an old Raspberry Pi I have and this seemed to be the quickest and easiest way to get a chat / instant messaging server running. Let’s get starting shall we? Flash Ubuntu 20.04 to an SD card using the Raspberry Pi imager by opening Raspberry Pi imager. If you don’t have it then install it using the Pop_Shop in Pop_OS! Otherwise download it from here. Choose…

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    Redesign of my home network

    I have started a redesign of my home network. In short I installed and configured an OPNSense firewall with the WAN, LAN and Wifi segmented. More on the OPNSense installation later. I will be moving my CentOS file server and all current networked devices behind the OPNSense firewall. This includes all PC’s, Raspberry Pi’s, Televisions etc.

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    Raspberry Pi and OpenElec

    Got myself a Raspberry Pi this week to replace our current media player. Our previous media player could not connect to the home network and I had to keep copying media to an external hard drive which as you could expect an irritation to say the least. The technology world has changed quite a lot with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is a credit card sized computer that has HDMI, Audio, RCA, USB and LAN connections built-in to it. Do a google search to see some of the amazing things people have done with the Raspberry Pi. My goal was to replace the media player with the…